5 Design Trends to Try in 2021

January of any year almost always means that everyone and I mean, EVERYONE, publishes their predictions for what will be the trends for that year in just about everything. Home Decor is definitely one of those areas we hear a lot about.

I see publications putting out their top 21 trends or top 50 trends and I have to say I kinda cringe and get excited about it all at the same time. I cringe because who can really absorb 20 or 50 trends, right? I get excited because there are a handful of trends that I can see completely becoming more mainstream.

This year, we wanted to share the 5 trends that we think you’ll see everywhere in 2021. 


Bold Colours

We already started to see a trend away from the neutral greiges towards more vibrant hues of blues and greens in 2020, maybe even well before that.

We’d say this trend has been in the making for a couple of years at least. And we will continue to see this trend well into 2021. 

We also expect that as popular as dramatic blues were in kitchen cabinets in 2020, you’ll see similar installations in darker and jewel toned greens in 2021.

We will see these dramatic blue and green tones in sofas, accent chairs and headboards too. 

Good news is that you don’t need to go out and buy all new furniture to be able to keep your home current.

Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate this trend into your home.

  • You can paint an accent wall in one of these colours as an option or incorporate a wallpaper that has some vibrant colours like the one from our Amelia style board
  • Style your sofa or your bed with throw pillows that incorporate these gorgeous blues and greens. 
  • Introduce an accent piece like an ottoman or a bench in a vibrant hue to your room. 

You can even score bonus design points for yourself if you incorporate all 3 ideas above to pull the room together like a pro.


Softer Shapes

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

We’ll see furniture that have soft curves like the accent chairs we feature in our Katarina Living Room design

Curved sofas were popular requests from our clients in 2020 and we expect this trend to continue through 2021. Think of art-deco shapes that bring nostalgia, comfort and softness to a room. 

Vibrant Wallpaper

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

It’s no secret that we love wallpaper at Daakor. It’s a great way to add interest to a room as well as an easy way to create a feature wall.

With peel and stick wallpaper  widely available these days, it makes it even easier to adopt these gems into your home. 

Vintage and traditional prints that have been updated slightly to make them current will continue to be popular.

If you can incorporate the blue and green jewel tones that are also a trend at this time, you get bonus design points from us!  

Outdoors In

With most of us stuck inside our homes for longer than normal periods with this ongoing pandemic, we will see more plants being incorporated into our interiors. 

Earthy colours and natural materials are something we’ll also see in furnishings reinforcing this idea of bringing outside in. Think rattan furniture and boho style decor as a way to easily incorporate this trend into your home.

Also, checkout our post on how to incorporate plants into your home design for more info on adopting this trend.

Sophisticated Styling

Images courtesy of Pinterest.

We’ve seen some writers talk about this trend as adopting a granny-chic approach to home interiors.

Incorporating nostalgia and vintage items in styling spaces is something we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years. 

We expect to see decor items like busts and statues become common in home decor.

Think of things like pleated details and a look that is prim and proper as a way to bring this trend into your home.

If you’ve already got these style trends incorporated in your home or are looking to do it in 20201, show us your style on Insta by tagging us. We’d love to see what you are up to. 

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