Level Up Your Houseplant Game!

In addition to adding a crisp, fresh feeling to the air in your home, plants help reduce stress and anxiety, improve the air quality of your space, and they have so much versatility when it comes to styling a home! 

Here are our favourite tips on how to incorporate plants into your home.


Target empty spaces.

Instead of filling empty spaces with furniture, try a plant instead! Not only will your room avoid looking bare, but your room also won’t feel as cluttered. 

You can play around with different heights, colours and leaf shapes of plants to add more dimension to your room. Different sizes and an odd number of plants will give your space a more organic, whimsical look whereas using plants that are the same size and an even number will give your room a more uniform, symmetrical look. 

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Dare to be different.

If you want to give your space a unique look, you can find some uncommon plants that aren’t typically found in most homes. Here are a few unique plant options:

Although beautiful, be mindful some of these and other exotic plants may be poisonous for pets. Other potentially poisonous but commonly used species of plants include Aloe, Arrowhead plants, Bird of Paradise, ZZ plants, Dieffenbachia plants, English Ivy, and Jade.


Play around on shelves and tabletops.

Whether it’s a bookcase, floating shelf, tabletop or a mantle, plants add so much depth when styling your shelves and tabletops! You’d want at least one plant on your shelf–a living element to help break up any monotony in decor pieces and books.

Longer, tumbling plants or vines on top of a shelf make for an effortlessly bohemian or beachy look, especially above a bed! Try styling a mantle with a few books and a canvas artwork in between some cacti or succulents. 

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Some plants are made for hanging.

Depending on your style and the layout you choose, varying the frame colours and sizes for your artwork can add a lot of dimension to your gallery wall. That’s assuming the artwork you want to use needs framing!

For symmetrical, grid-patterned galleries, it’s best to go with the same framing for all the artwork–this is where the beauty of these arrangements come out, so being orderly and symmetrical all throughout is more pleasing to the eye and allows the actual subject of the art to really shine.

With freeform gallery walls, you can have a bit more fun with different frame colours and sizes. If you’re going for a playful look but still want some structure, try to unify the frames with one common element like using frames of similar colour or size. 

If you want to stand out with your freeform gallery, you can even choose different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes of frames in the same installation, if that’s the look you prefer. The trick here is knowing how to balance all of the above.

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Stylish planters make all the difference.

This is where your creativity can really shine–with so many options from ceramic, wooden, metal, and more, you’re bound to find a planter that perfectly emulates your personal taste. 

Vary your planters by size, colour, textures, etc. just as you would with any other design element in your space.

And if you have a bit of extra time, terrariums can be a great addition to your plant collection. The soil and plant release moisture which is captured in the container and basically helps water itself! Perfect for a home office or your bedroom and for someone who never knows when it’s time to water a plant.


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Here are a few common houseplants to start thinking about if you are new to this:

With our handy tips on houseplants and some sunlight and water, you too can make your dreams of a lush indoor garden paradise a reality! 

Written by Nabeeha Baig.


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