Amelia Living Room

The Amelia living room is styled in modern glam and has a very global, well-travelled feel to it. The hardest thing for us is trying to pick an element that is our favourite. We just can’t. Each element in this space is unique and this is kind of space that will work for someone who aims to be one-of-a-kind

Learn more about how this space was designed below. 

Daakorator Mary conjured up this design all on her own. She was inspired by this colourful terrazzo wallpaper design that is the perfect for creating an attention worthy feature wall. The busy wallpaper design is balanced with a base of neutral grey and solid colours of the main pieces of furniture. Black and gold accents give it that glamorous shine

Part of this room serves as the entry way and the console table and the mirror in black works like a charm against that bold wallpaper.

2021 is all about these pops of colours in furnishings like this blue couch that is styled with throw pillows in two more bold colours pulled straight out of that wallpaper. These grey velvet curvy accent chairs are also another trend we will be seeing in 2021.  We can just imagine this space being the perfect backdrop for that discerning fashion influencer

The accent tables used in the room add to the modern glam look of the space and the white marble top on the coffee table is a perfect way to balance all of the colour in the room

We usually look to the lighting to act as the jewellery of a room but in this room the star is most definitely that wallpaper. However, the table and the ceiling lamps enhance the look of the room with just the right touch of, you guessed it, glam. This reiteration of the glam elements in the design is what makes it work well. 

We also chose drapery in this living room that closely matches the wall colour to give the walls a continuous feel. It will make this small space feel bigger

You can’t always have fresh flowers at hand but this artificial flower arrangement is perfect simplified style element on this coffee table. 

If you are looking for young, modern, hip and glam look in your living room, you’re in luck. This is it! 

If you want to make this truly unique as you are, check out our custom design plan options. You’ll connect with one of our fabulous Daakorators, who would just love to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you. 

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