Katarina Living Room

The Katarina living room is a mix of monochromatic, modern luxury. This design was inspired by simple lines of the accent chair and was a collaboration between our Daakorators Dilhani and Mary.  

Learn more about how this design came about below. 

The starting point for this design was the accent chair. The soft, clean lines of the arms of the chair and the neutral colour felt very luxurious and this chair deserved to be in an equally luxurious living room. We found a sofa that had similar soft lines and the key to achieving that luxurious look we were after was to keep the colour scheme monochromatic

That also meant that we needed to use texture and pattern to help bring interest to the room. You can see that in the throw pillows we chose for the sofa. We also wanted to go light on the decor and that translated into bare walls which in turn did not look so good in this design.  We opted for a bold wallpaper design but one that keeps to our monochromatic palette. We love how the walls ended up looking. 

Even with the wallpaper in the room, we felt that the walls needed more. We chose to use 3 panels of the same piece of art that aligned well to our monochromatic theme as the backdrop over the sofa. On the right side of the room, we chose a simple mirror framed in black as the main accent piece above an architecturally interesting console table. We flanked either side of the mirror with black and white photography in gold frames to create scale

We imagined this space to have pot lights in the ceiling and didn’t want to have a ceiling light fixture. We opted for simple but elegant table lamps with a gold base and a linen drum shade. 

The accent tables in this room are round to make the room flow smooth and the individual pieces are architecturally interesting and yet simple in design.

We love the texture and warmth added to this room by this beautiful rug in the same monochromatic tone

This living room is perfect for someone who is looking to create an upscale hotel like living room. This one is all about luxury and comfort. 

If you want to make this truly unique as you are, check out our custom design plan options. You’ll connect with one of our fabulous Daakorators, who would just love to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you. 

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