Office/Guest Room Transformation


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Our client is a busy professional that travels the world for work and works from home when she is in town. She had set up her spare bedroom as a multi-use space. Her second bedroom served as her office, guest room, yoga studio, meditation space and craft room. I think many of us who live in condos can relate to this, right?

She got the room furnished with a built in filing system and a desk on one wall that also had a couple of book shelves. She also put a day bed in the room for when she wanted to chill out and read a book as well as for her guests to sleep on when someone was visiting.

After several years of this room looking this way, she wanted a bit more style and a finished look to this room. So, she came to Daakor for help. In her own words, she told us that she felt the room needed to be dressed up a bit.

She wanted the room to have a couple of nightstands so her guests had somewhere to put their phone and personal belongings and the room to have a bit of interest and character instead of the blank walls. She also wanted lighting options, where her guests didn’t need to get out of the bed to turn the lights off before going to sleep.

For this project, we primarily focused on one side of the room. Our client also loved the colour she had already painted the room in and who are we to argue? That blue is beautiful! She also asked that we keep the room feeling upbeat and energetic since this is where she worked when she was in town. She also wanted us to find ways to get her the most bang for her buck.

She really loved the style board that was all about bright colours and a gallery wall that had motivational prints as art. See below for before pics, the Daakor style board and the after pics of this fantastic room transformation.

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Here’s what our client had to say about getting her room completed with Daakor. 

[hm_desc type=”2″ transform=”none” align=”left”] “I wish everything could be this easy! Daakor really came through and gave me a room and a process that I can totally get on board with. What a service!” [/hm_desc]




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