Black & White Guest Room Transformation


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Vini had been living in her Mississauga condo for about 10 years and loves to host friends and family at her place any chance she gets. She felt that her guest room had gotten a bit dated and wanted something fresh to encourage her family and friends to visit more. 

In her request, Vini told us that she is drawn to a more classic style and after looking through the photos she uploaded of her room, we saw that the room had very little natural light.

Vini told us storage was one of her biggest issues living in a condo, so we wanted to make sure we found ways to maximize her storage in the items we recommended. For example, we suggested two small chest of drawers as nightstands on either side of the bed. 

We proposed 3 style boards to Vini and she opted for one that was based on a black and white colour scheme with grey and gold accents. We ended up tweaking it a little bit based on Vini’s final feedback and Vini was thrilled with the final version of the style board. 

See below for a slide show that shows the room as it was before, the Daakor style board and after pictures of the room.

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We love how she was able to pull the look together.  She made a few changes to the original design plan but kept the spirit of the design in the room. 

Vini thought the wallpaper feature wall might overwhelm her small guest room so asked us to find an alternative without losing the sense of the overall design.  We found a smaller wall decal design that had the black and white painted peony look and we think it looks fantastic in Vini’s guest room. 

She also wanted to save some money where she could. So, we suggested some alternative furniture options where she could apply a little customizations to get the look at a lower cost. All the dressers used in this room came from Ikea and we helped Vini customize them by painting them same colour as the wall colour and applying gold coloured hardware.  Even the headboard was a $40 purchase off of Facebook Marketplace and was spray painted black.

Here’s what Vini had to say about her experience with Daakor. 

[hm_desc type=”2″ transform=”none” align=”left”] “I love how easy it was to update the look of my guest room with Daakor. I loved all 3 style boards that were presented to me but I ended up picking something I would never have thought of on my own. Daakor gave me everything I needed in the shopping list and instructions. They were also always quick to respond to my messages and inquiries. I asked for way to save money and still keep the look and boy, did they deliver! This was a fantastic experience.” [/hm_desc]




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