Stylish Swoon-worthy Backgrounds For Zoom

With all of this Zooming around, who has time to clean up their house, right? Or maybe you’ve been waiting to furnish your house into that dream home you’ve got on Pinterest but just haven’t had the time or the money to get to it. That’s exactly why Zoom gives you the option of using a virtual background.

If you’re a Zoom newbie and don’t know how to set your virtual background, just scroll to the bottom to see our instructions.

To download a background, simply click on it and you’ll see an icon to download the photo.


1. Two-Storey Loft Living Room


2. Open, Airy and Bright Living Room


3. Mellow Yellow Living Room


4. Mid-Century Bachelor Pad


5. Mid-Century Luxurious Living Room


Setting a Virtual Background in Zoom:
From your Mac or PC, click on the  ⚙️ icon on the top right corner of your Zoom screen.
From the Menu Window that opens up, choose “Virtual Background”.
Click on the “+” sign to add the background you just downloaded.
And just like that you have stylish background for all your Zoom calls that will have your colleagues, friends and family envious of your home!

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