5 Tips to Adopting a Hygge Lifestyle

As an interior design fanatic, I’m constantly looking for different ways to decorate and reorganize my surroundings to achieve a healthier lifestyle. That means spending a lot of time learning about different cultures and lifestyles and understanding how they affect our feelings, behaviours and the way we act. I came across the word Hygge. What is that you ask?

Hygge (H-oo-gah), what was originally a Norwegian term for “wellbeing”, is a concept that has been practiced in the Danish culture for over 200 years and is still followed by many throughout the world. It’s all about finding comfort and happiness in the simplest things. And because of how simple this concept is, it’s even easier to implement it into your daily life! So why not integrate this concept into our own homes and surroundings? 

Whether it’s your home office, living room or bedroom, there’s always a way to add more comfort to your space and this Danish concept of Hygge couldn’t have made it easier for us! So here are 5 ways to successfully incorporate touches of the Hygge Lifestyle into your daily life, with very little effort!

Keep it minimal

Something as simple as decluttering your surroundings can help achieve a level of bliss at the cost of a little self-motivation.  Not only is it one of the best ways to de-stress, but it also adds that extra sense of comfort when it comes down to your surroundings. In other words, decluttering or reorganizing your spaces is a way to detoxify your life of things you don’t need and adhere to a life of simplicity. For instance, tidying up that dusty bookshelf in your living room and reorganizing your books alphabetically not only will give you a sense of satisfaction every time you look at it, it’ll also be super easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it!

You don’t necessarily have to throw the extra things out! Perhaps come up with a little DIY project to reuse the item or even consider donating to a local charity and help out someone in need, a little act of kindness that’ll definitely give you a sense of great satisfaction. 

By decluttering your home, you are creating opportunities to use your space more positively and as a result, creating a more positive environment for you and yours! 

Play with different tones and textures

Everyone is bound to feel stressed in their life at one point or another. The best way to help elevate the environment around your home is to introduce different tones and textures that complement each other. No matter what your style is, textures will always give your space a sense of depth spatially and emotionally. Depending on what materials you choose, your space can radiate a certain feel that can help you achieve the level of comfort that your heart desires. Adding soft cotton, plush rugs and velvet accents can add the perfect touch to make your experience in the space more pleasurable. 

Tying a space together with different tonal values is another great way to amplify the comfort level of any space! With an existing colour scheme, try adding different tones of neutral colour into your space whether it’s through decorative objects or simple accents. That’s surely going to get you in a relaxing mood ready to relax.  

Practice Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is one of the senses that impacts how we feel the most! Surround yourself with smells that help you relax and unwind after a long day. Lighting candles around your house will not only fill your surroundings with a pleasant aroma but also add to the comfort in the atmosphere by creating a sense of coziness. If candles aren’t your thing, you can also light incense sticks or burn fragrance oils to give your home a therapeutic atmosphere. Another easy way to get your house smelling nice is cooking or baking things with a nice aroma. For instance, baking banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, or even your favourite blueberry muffins. 

Bring the great outdoors in

Surround yourself with freshness! And that means plants! A home without plants is a home without life! At the end of the day, no matter how clean and organized your space is, it’s important to incorporate a feeling that grounds you to your roots (quite literally). Having plants is the best way to do that whether they are real or not. Another way to give life to your interiors is by letting in lots of natural light whenever possible! Not only does the sunlight brighten your space, but it also helps boost your mood, and it will let your plants grow healthier!

Do things you love!

Last but not least, one of the best ways to enjoy life is by taking your time when you do something. After all, no one likes to feel rushed but we spend so much of our time rushing around. So why not gift yourself some extra time every day to do something you enjoy so that you have something to look forward to daily. 

For example, having some time alone to curl up and read your favourite book or finally getting around to the 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that you never got to finish! Even planning a home-cooked dinner with friends and family every once in a while can be a great reward for yourself. 

Some people like spending time with others while others need some time for themselves. Some self-care every once in a while is all you need to feel your best, feel comfortable and happy!

Although these are just a few ways to achieve the sense of Hygge and everyone will have their own way of getting there, I’m confident it’s enough to get you started on a path to some bliss. 

All of these little tips work together to help you see things from a different perspective and create a positive influence on yourself and your surroundings! When your mind is at peace, so is your soul.  

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