5 Rules to Creating an Insta-Worthy Coffee Table

5 Rules to Creating an Insta-Worthy Coffee Table

Believe it or not, your coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room and styling it properly can truly elevate the overall look and feel of your space! People often make the mistake of leaving their coffee table too bare or overcrowded with unnecessary objects. We’re going to share 5 easy rules to style your coffee table the right way so that you can give your space a sense of character that reflects your personality and interests in the best way possible!

1. The Rule of Thirds

Much like in artwork and photography, the rule of thirds can be used on coffee tables as well!  The point of this rule is to create balance. You can start by dividing your tabletop into three separate sections. Think of it as creating 3 footprints or groupings of your favourite styling items on your coffee table.

Decorative trays are a great way to keep your coffee table organized when using the rule of thirds and by grouping your accessories, you’ll be adding a sense of depth to your tabletop. And don’t worry, the rule of thirds like many other rules in design can be broken and adapted to your space and style no matter what shape or size your coffee table is!  

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2. Play with Different Heights

Varying the height of the accessories on your coffee table is another great way to add depth to your decor. Without this rule, your coffee table will look flat and frankly, very boring! 

There are endless possibilities of how you can add height to your coffee table. You can stack decor pieces on top of each other and a simple way to do this is to place a decorative object on top of a small stack of books. 

You can also use candles, plants or flower arrangements to vary the height on your coffee table.  Be sure to avoid objects that are too tall or that tend to hinder the view of people sitting on either side of the table. 

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3. Avoid Over-Cluttering

The key to a nicely styled coffee table is to keep it simple and captivating. Having too many accessories on the table can definitely create a problem. Choose a few decorative pieces that make a statement to make the table look interesting but keep the tabletop functional. You want to make sure that there’s enough space on the table to actually use it to place things you need such as a few drinks, a book or a remote control.

Use the rule of threes in interior design to avoid cluttering your coffee table. Rule of threes is an extension of an interior design guideline where you group things in odd numbers to make the decor more memorable and appealing. In this case, 3 objects is the smallest odd number that falls within this guideline and is perfect for coffee tables due to the limited size.

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4. Add an Accent Color

Another fantastic way to enhance the look of your coffee table is to add a decor piece that uses one or more of the accent colours from your room. It can be as simple as adding a vase with fresh or artificial flowers, a decorative tray or even candles that complement the colour scheme within your space. A tiny pop of colour will surely give your coffee table a sense of depth that your space may be missing otherwise!

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5. Add a Personal Touch

Last but not least, you need something that reflects you on your coffee table! The best way to do that is to display one or two items that have some personal value to you. That could be a beautifully framed photo, a unique collectable from a vacation you took years ago, or even a sculpture you may really like. These personal items will give your space a sense of uniqueness while reflecting your own personality and style. They can also serve as great conversation starters! 

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There you have it! Because your coffee table is a small space to style, you can change it up every now and then to keep your space looking fresh without needing to invest much time or money! And with these 5 simple tips, you will be able to decorate your coffee table to perfection every time! 

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