Michaela Dining Room

The Michaela Dining Room was inspired by a kitchen island stool we used in another design project for a client. Dilhani loved the stool so much that she wanted to build a dining room design around a similar chair. This design is easily modern glam with some industrial vibes

Learn more about how this design came about below. 

The story of this style board begins with these beautiful chairs. They have a modern industrial vibe and we wanted to incorporate that into a little luxe look. Concrete table top seems like a match made in heaven for the industrial look we are going with and we love the design of this dining table legs equally. It’s the perfect contrast with the metal legs of the chairs.

We love a modern abstract patterned rug with just hints of colour peaking through to make it interesting but no colour is strong enough to make a statement on its own. It perfectly compliments the grey tones of the chairs and the table. 

What can we say about this sideboard? It’s a bit on the small side but we love the design on the doors. We are suckers for a good geometric design that looks like it’s from a far away land

Let’s move on to the wallpaper. We tried a few different options out but this one felt that it added to the modern luxe feel we wanted for this room. It helps balance the industrial elements in the design. 

There’s really only one light in this space and we wanted it to compliment the overall industrial vibe but also make a statement. We think this light does just the trick. 

We also chose accessories that have a gold tone to pull out the mustardy gold tones in the rug. The vases, the mirror and the candle holders bring the gold into the design. We also opted for a piece of art that was kinda moody and abstract. It incorporates the various grey and gold tones in the room. 

Finally, we opted for dark grey curtains on each window to really call attention to the height of the room. We layered these curtains with soft white sheers for privacy. 


We think that beautiful wainscoting on the walls of this room would add a touch of elegance to the modern industrial design. It keeps the walls interesting without having to adorn them more. 

If you are looking for a modern statement dining room, we think this will be a hit. 

If you want to make this truly unique as you are, check out our custom design plan options. You’ll connect with one of our fabulous Daakorators, who would just love to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you. 

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