Jasper Living Room

Let’s talk about this ultra posh, contemporary living/family room! We don’t know what we like more the clean lines, neutral colours or the simplicity of this design. It’s the perfect space to watch a Netflix marathon on a weekend or host friends over for some stirred not shaken martinis on a Thursday night after work.
Get into the details behind this design below.

This space was inspired by a client who came to us asking us to design a family room in a newly built townhouse. We wanted to create an adult space that is perfect for a professional couple to help them relax after a long day at work and also be flexible enough to be an entertainment space when needed. In this design collaboration between our Daakorators Dilhani, Naaz and Ali, we wanted to keep the clutter to a minimum and style it to the max

We loved that there was a lot of natural light in this space given a number of windows around the room. We really wanted to achieve a classic, timeless look and that meant keeping the window coverings simple. So we opted for a grey toned California shutters look for this room. Shutters are perfect to maintain privacy and to control the brightness inside

Can we talk about boring long stretches of walls in new builds for a second? Use decorative faux molding to add interest to the space that makes it feel luxurious but isn’t hard on the good old wallet. 

We chose a sectional that is all about comfort and relaxation but we also knew that this needed to be an entertainment space when necessary. So we added two beautiful accent chairs that have clean lines with wood accents to warm up the space a bit. We chose solid, neutral tones for all the seating as these are investment pieces that could last a long time and the homeowner can easily change it up by simply and inexpensively changing the decor in the room. 

We used throw pillows and the rug to introduce texture and pattern into the space but kept them in a similar neutral colour palette to enhance that monochromatic, upscale feel to the room.

A single side table with multiple levels is perfect for a table lamp and for displaying a few selected decor pieces. Likewise, the oversized square coffee table is easily reached from any part of the sectional. We chose a mirrored bottom to add a little bit of glam and help reflect the beautiful light fixture featured above. We kept the coffee table decor to a minimum, keeping with the simplicity theme. Who needs lots of knick-knacks on the coffee table when the few items you have are as beautiful as these?! 

A decorative firewood holder (yes, you can still have this as an accent if you have a gas fireplace!) and a plant rounds up this gorgeous, luxurious living room look.
If you want to make this truly unique as you are, check out our custom design plan options. You’ll connect with one of our fabulous Daakorators, who would just love to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you.


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