Dorian Bedroom

This bold, modern, luxe design was inspired by a project we did for another client. In that project, we used these upholstered panels to create a backdrop for the headboard and it looked amazing. Daakorator Mary was inspired to create a equally stunning backdrop in another bedroom design. 

Learn more about how this design came about below.  

Using black and grey colour palette accented by warm walnut wood tones, this bedroom design has a more modern, strong, dare I say masculine feel to it. The wood headboard commands attention against the black upholstered panels. Lighter grey linen gives a crisp look to the bedding and mustard throw pillows go perfectly with all of the gold accents in the room.

Can we talk about the lighting in this room please? Both the table lamps and the floor lamp are architectural statements. They function like jewellery for this space, kind of like how a necklace and earrings would enhance a dress you might wear. 

The wood finish in the dresser and the nightstands compliment the bed and the headboard nicely and we love the gold detailing in the handles. We love that nothing is matchy-matchy in this space. Instead everything just goes nicely together. This is what makes great design

We also added an accent chair into the space. Let’s face it, we all need some place to put the clothes that we wore during the day when we change into our sleep wear at night, right? We all do it. This one is perfect for your clothes to rest until you put them away or to be used as a chair, if you prefer. 

The neutral rug warms up and defines the space

This simple design is perfect if you are looking for that hotel luxe look in your home. 

If you want to make this truly unique as you are, check out our custom design plan options. You’ll connect with one of our fabulous Daakorators, who would just love to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you


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