How to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

With so many of us in urban centres living in small spaces these days, there has been a lot of written about tips and tricks to make the most of your small space. Here are 5 of our go-to-secrets for maximizing space when you’ve got a limited square footage to work with.



Lighten Up

Use lighting all through out the room to illuminate and open up your space. Dark corners make a room look smaller and very often, that exactly what we get with a single light fixture in the middle of the room.

Use sconces and table lamps to free-up floor space and add pops-of-colour with your lighting when possible.

Double Down

Choose furniture that can function in more than one way like a sofa-bed that can turn your living room into a guest room on the fly or an ottoman that can serve not only as a foot-rest but occasionally double as seating or a an occasional table in your tight space.


Mirrors give the illusion that your room is bigger by adding depth and reflecting light throughout the room. Just be sure to check that the mirrors are reflecting what you want in the room and not things that clutter your room.

Clear the Way

Mount things like art and floating shelves on the wall to keep clutter off the floor. Organize and edit collections like books and use decorative boxes to hide clutter.

Turn Negatives Into Positive Space

Use furniture that is made of transparent material like glass or lucite to make your room feel open and airy.


These are just some of our favourite ways to make a small space look and feel bigger.

Written by Chloe Woods.


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