Vini’s Guest Room

Vini had been living in her Mississauga condo for about 10 years when she trusted us to guide her on a couple of home decor projects. We started with her guest room. Vini loves to host friends and family at her place every chance she gets. She felt that her guest room had gotten a bit dated and wanted something fresh to encourage her family and friends to visit more. Just wait till you see this transformation. We would jump at the chance of staying at Vini’s!

In her request, Vini told us that she is drawn to a more classic style and after looking through the photos she uploaded of her room, we saw that the room had very little natural light. In the style boards we recommended lighter colour palettes to help give more space to the room.  

We proposed 3 style boards to Vini and she opted for one that was based on a black and white colour scheme with grey and gold accents.

add the 3 style boards here.