Pick a Colour Scheme Like a Boss


When someone undertakes the task of decorating a room in their home, it almost always starts with the question of what colour to paint the room.

Instead of focusing on a paint colour for the walls, start by identifying a colour scheme you want to use for the room. You can settle on the wall colour, colour of furniture and accessories from this palette once you’ve figured it out and have some sense for how these colours work with each other.

How many colours to include in a colour scheme

Typically, we use at least 3-4 colours in the rooms we decorate unless it’s a monochromatic scheme but incorporate various tones and shades of a colour to add depth to the décor.

There is no hard and fast rule on how many colours should be in your room but keep in mind having too many colours will make the room look too busy.

So, how do you get to a colour scheme?

Find a jumping off point

This is actually one of the easiest ways to get a colour scheme you can work with because you already want to incorporate this item in to your room decor. This can be a piece of art, a throw cushion, or an area rug that you plan to use in the room.

But what if that piece of art only has one colour? No need to worry. Just go for a monochromatic colour palette based on that colour. See below for more on picking a monochromatic colour scheme.

Take a hike

Look to mother nature to inspire you. There’s a reason why we swoon over fields of wildflowers on the side of the road or the flowers at the park or why we are awestruck by a view on a weekend hike.  Mother nature really knows how to use a colour scheme and put on a show.

Raid your closet

Your closet is a great place to start. What you wear speaks volumes not only about your style but also about what colours you like.  Is there a favourite piece of clothing you like that you can base your colour palette on? We know of at least one friend who decorated her bedroom pulling colours from her favourite pair of stilettos. Imagine that!

Be a cat, copycat

Why re-invent the wheel? Look for a room that you can fall in love with in your favourite magazine, blog or on Pinterest. Copy the colour scheme used in that room for your room.

Shift to neutral

Neutral tones like white, grey, beige, black, navy and brown work as a great start to a colour palette. You can combine them with each other as well as introduce pretty much any other colour as an accent.

One of our favourite ways to decorate is to use a neutral palette as the backdrop for a room and change up the accents on a regular basis to keep the room up to date. So, you can incorporate the colour du jour as you wish to add some pizzazz to your room.

Pick a colour, any colour

Pick your favourite colour or read up on colour psychology and choose a colour based on how you want to feel in the room you are looking to decorate.

The tough thing about this way of getting to your colour scheme is that you need to do a bit of work to figure out what other colours should be part of your overall scheme. Since you have nothing to pull your palette from, this is the time to go to the colour wheel for some guidance.

You can do a simple Google search and find an example of a colour wheel. You’ll get a million hits but they are all the same! Base your colour scheme using one of the following approaches.

  • Pick colours adjacent on the colour wheel to your colour choice. These are known as analogous colours.
  • Opposites attract. Go with the colour that is opposite in the colour wheel. These are called complementary colours.  For example, blue and orange or green and red.
  • There are other colour combos that work really well too but without understanding how to play with colours and when to use different tones, tints or a shades, you can easily get overwhelmed. So, we will leave them out for now. Let us know if you want to see a future blog post on the other colour combos you could use.
Go monochromatic

Have you ever admired how elegant a monochromatic outfit looks on a person? It’s no different in a room. This is one easy way to achieve a very elegant, beautiful look for your room.

A monochromatic colour scheme uses different tones, tints and shades of one colour in its palette. So, choose a colour and way  you go!

Now you’ve got a colour scheme, so what’s next?

60-30-10 rule in decorating

Let us introduce you to the 60-30-10 rule in decorating.

The 60-30-10 rule is a classic interior decorating rule that is meant to help give balance to a room and trust us, it will give you fantastic results every single time.

The rule states 60% of the colour in your space should be the main colour you are choosing.  So, for the most part this will be your wall colour and colour of your flooring or rug and any other large pieces of furniture that will be in the room.

Then 30% of the colour that makes up your room should be a secondary colour from your palette. For example, this will make up some of the accent pieces of furniture, window coverings, etc.

That leaves us with 10% to add additional colours that can serve as accents. This may be artwork, throw cushions, vases, and other ornaments and if you love colour this is where you can really show off your personality.  This 10% can also be one colour or a few.

It would be wrong if we didn’t mention that we at Daakor are firm believers that rules are meant to be broken, at least when it comes to decorating. So, feel free to come up with your own formula and show off your inner rebel!

Also keep in mind when you are choosing a colour scheme for a room that it should tie into the colours you are using elsewhere in your home. Gone are the days where one bedroom may have been blue and another yellow and another pink with a yellow living room and a red dining room. Choosing colours that cohesively tie all of the rooms together in your home will ensure you are happy with your whole home in the end.

How we can help

Did you know that we post colour schemes on our Instagram and Facebook pages on a weekly basis? You are more than welcome to use them as you see fit.  Tag us on your before and after on Instagram with #daakor for a chance to be featured and we’d love to check out how your room turned out.

There you have it! We are, of course, happy to help should you need our assistance. Feel free to contact us.

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