Let’s measure your room.

For our Daakorators to give you a design plan that you will love means we need to first get some info from you. It’s important for our design pro to know what your room looks like today. We get a feel for that with the room measurements and photographs.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to measure your room.

Step 1: On a blank piece of paper, sketch what your room looks like. You can do this using MS Office products like Word and PowerPoint or using online apps if you are up to it but you don’t have to.  We did ours using PowerPoint for this illustration.


Step 2: Add where all the different architectural elements like doors, windows, fireplace, bookcase, closet, closet doors, etc. in the room to your sketch.

Step 3: Mark the location of any electrical outlets with a small ‘x’ on the sketch.

Step 4: Measure each of the sides of the room and mark the lengths on the sketch.

Step 5: Measure the major architectural elements like doors, windows, fireplaces, etc. and mark the lengths on the sketch.

Step 6: Measure the wall length between each architectural element and mark those lengths on the sketch.

Step 7: Measure the length from the floor to the ceiling and indicate the ceiling height at the centre of the sketch. If there are varying ceiling heights, indicate the various heights.

Step 8: Scan and save your sketch as a PDF file. Upload file to your design brief.