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Custom Colour Palette

Curated Collection of Colours for Your Home

Refresh your space with some little tweaks or re-imagine your home in a whole new way. Start with a cohesive colour palette for the space first.

A colour palette will tell you what colour to paint the walls, add an accent wall with and be a guide for how you add furniture and accessories to your space.  

Introducing Daakor’s new e-colour consult service. 

What it is

We’ll curate a custom colour palette for your space based on your preferences, existing furniture, floor colour, etc.

Each room colour palette will have 6 colours including a main wall colour, an accent wall colour, two additional accent colours, trim colour and the ceiling colour.

In your package, we’ll give you details on how to use the different colours to create a cohesive look for your room.

We’ll also add some helpful tips and other goodies to your colour palette package to help you get it right.

We’ll even turn it around in 48 hours because we know you’re anxious to get started on your paint job.

If you’re doing more than one room in one go, it might take a little longer but we’ll reach out to you and let you know when to expect your colour palette.

How it works

Choose the right package for you right now!  Easy peasy, right? Within 24 hours, we’ll send you a questionniare to fill out. Have questions? Email us at

Fill out and submit the questionnaire we sent you. Make sure to include photos of your room, floor, ceiling and any existing furniture. If we have any questions, we’ll reach out to you via email.

Receive your custom colour palette and plan out how your new room is going to look. Don’t forget, you can take your colour palette to most stores and ask them to colour match the paint.

Plans & Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you come to my house for the consultation?

No. This is an e-service. You submit your information through an online questionnaire and we’ll email you the colour palette. 

Why do I need so many paint colours?

We give you the paint colours for all of the colours but you don’t have to use them all. In your colour palette, you’ll see the wall colour we recommend for your room. You’ll also see what we think you should use as an accent wall colour. The additional accent colours are meant to be incorporated into your furnishings. 

Why do I need a ceiling colour? Aren't ceilings white?

Great question. Ceilings are usually white but they don’t have to be! If you do want to keep it white, we’ll find you a tone of white that works with the rest of the colours in your room. 

Do you do colour palettes for hallways and entryways?

Absolutely. They’ll be treated like a room. 

Can I use my gift card for a colour consult?

No. Our gift cards can only be applied towards a design plan. 

Ready to Get Your Colour Palette?